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The Art of Saying No + Networking

Here a few tips for saying no!

  1. Don't allow the need for money make you accept jobs/clients that goes against your designing and business model.

  2. Before you say no, do you understand why it's a no? What does your contract state. Don't have a contract, grab mine {click here}

  3. No! is a VERY powerful statement.

Here are a few tips for Networking

  1. Are you an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?

  2. Take plenty of business cards or upload your digital business card. Don't have a digital business card? Join me in The Paper Lover Lounge for a step by step video tutorial {click here}

  3. Get out of the box, No one knows that you are there if you stay behind the computer designing!

Do you want to watch this session {replay}?

Here's the replay of our Teachable Tuesday enjoy!

Are you a part of the Ultimate Invite Society {PRIVATE} Facebook group?

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