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Custom Designed Stationery

Is Custom Designing for you?

Do you desire Event Stationery that is not like your mother's, sister's or bestfriend's?

We do not order from a book. The only book you will find in our boutique, is our own!  We take pride in offering one of a kind, unique stationery that is exclusively designed for you.


Do you desire on-one-one assistance when selecting papers, color, emblishments and your desired style?

We offer face to face, one -on-one designing via telephone, in-person or via videoconferencing.  During our consultations we help you select every element of your stationery. From the fonts, color scheme, jewels to the style.  Our consultations are as detailed as selecting your event wardrobe.  We cover every detailed to ensure that you have the perfect stationery for your event.


Have you searched tirelessly and found nothing that really speaks to your inner style?

We did too.  We started our company years ago because we did not want to order from a book and we did not want to order the same old design that EVERYONE used. We wanted a design was beautiful, featured pretty paper, ribbons and jewels.  Your event stationery will set the tone  and leave your guests anxiously awaiting the arrival of your special day.


Do you desire to have your love story told via design?

We listen to you!  We love... love stories and use your love story to transform your stationery into a beautiful work of art. From the Custom Design Motif to the Signature Envelope Lining, all elements are based of your vision and ambiance of your celebration. 


Are you busy and desire someone to take care of your event stationery for you?

Your schedule may not allow you to take care of the details of designing, assembling and mailing your event stationery. Our does!  We love to do all the details from designing to mailing.  We are available to design your stationery, stuff the envelopes and personally deliver them to the post office or shipping location.  Check this item off your list and leave the invitations to us.


Do you desire multi-cultural stationery?

If yes, then Yay!!! We have worked with clients that have guests from all over the world and we offer designs that compliment multi-cultural wording and styles.  


Do you desire all of your event stationery to match?  {From the save the dates to the thank you cards}

We love to matchy matchy suites.  We love designing the entire Signature Stationery Suites. We are passionate about the little details that will make your stationery compliment the look of event.


Do you want to consult with a real person that will answer your questions in real time?

{We answer or phones and our emails!!}  We love to talk to our clients.  We fully understand that you may have questions and you want to ensure that your investment is secure and that your desired design will be executed as planned.  If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 404.622.9092 or email me at teras {at}


If you have answered yes...Then Custom is for you!

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