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{{{ Welcome to the 5th Ultimate Invite Experience }}}

It’s my desire that every attendee is equipped with the tools to be successful within their own business.  It’s my gift to dig deep to find the missing components.

The Ultimate Invite Experience is more than a conference or workshop.  It’s an EXPERIENCE. It’s a place for designers to connect and find their inner voice through their designs, processes and techniques. We {designer’s} speak a different language that only we can understand.


This a place where E gauges, guides, HEX codes/Pantone colors + cutters replace papers and pens.

The Ultimate Invite Experience offers a judgement free zone, where I will be the first to raise my hand and say at one time I did not know either and NO ONE WOULD HELP ME!! 

Being a part of this mean secret society hurts because it can be a lonely place.  

So join me…in a place where you can share your truths and release your insecurities, cuz at the Ultimate Invite Experience  “you gone learn today!

We will spend 3 full days in an {intentional} intimate learning environment.

 A detailed itinerary will be provided to the paid attendees prior to the event.  There will be learning opportunities for all levels of designers from newbie to experienced {and those that don't know where they fit in} 

I also offer after the Experience support! There is an already established community of former attendees that are awaiting your arrival.  In this space you will go deeper into the behind the scenes of designing and where you can continue the learning + sharing. 

Registration includes:

  • 3-day registration

  • daily lunch + dessert

  • stationery goodies

  • an unparalleled experience

  • monthly online sessions 

what to bring:

  • an open mind

  • authentic desire to learn

  • BYOC {bring your own computer}

  • Clothing Style Guide will be provided

Fees are non-refundable but transferrable.

Hotel + travel accommodations are NOT included in the cost of the experience.


The  Ultimate Invite Experience Promise: 


In the event the Ultimate Invite Experience 2024 is canceled, you will receive a full refund within 60 days of the cancellation.


Recording Policy

During this event, The Ultimate Invite Experience will be recording (audio and video) and photographing. Most likely, you will be filmed, recorded or photographed as part of the audience or individually. By your attendance, you are granting your permission to be recorded or photographed for commercial purposes and agree to the following: being recorded, filmed or photographed by any means; commercial or any other use of your likeness, voice and words without compensation; specifically waiving all rights of privacy during the filming, recording or photographing and release The Ultimate Invite Experience from liability for loss, damage, or compensation from the commercial or other use of your likeness, image, voice or word; compliance with all rules and regulations of The Ultimate Invite Experience for this event.

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