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Hey Creative Entreprenuer!  

I'm so excited that you are here and ready to work on your craft.

I have been where you were, and I know how much of a lonely place it is.  

You have been searching for resources to help you learn the backend of Stationery Designs

and you have run into some pretty mean designers.

Well, look no more {the Paper Lover ----> that's me} is here to help.

I created the Ultimate Invite years ago, but had to put my dream on hold,

because guess what?  Life happened!  Sounds familiar huh?


What is the Ultimate Invite?


The Ultimate Invite Experience is the premier and only hands-on Conference

exclusively created for Stationery Designers. 


My goal is to provide comprehensive tools that will enable designers

from all stages {novice ~ experienced} to enhance their skills

through hands-on and in-person engagement 

logo 2024 {updated artwork}_edited.png

October 11-13, 2024

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