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Plan w/Me {A week in Review}

In preparation for the holiday season at the end of October, I would like to share the days and holidays that I will be using in my business.

Sometimes, this time of year brings feelings of overwhelm.

So, just in case you get lost in the moment and think there is nothing to share, I have listed a few dates I will use to brand and market my services.

This Week Happenings:

Monday, October 31:

National Doorbell

Tuesday, November 1:

National Author's Day

Wednesday, November 2:

Give Someone A Dollar Day

Thursday, November 3:

National Candy Day

Friday, November 4:

Product Review Day {join me on my Youtube Channel}

Saturday, November 5:

Day Light Saving Ends {Fall Back}

Wondering where I am getting the above dates?

Happenings last week:

My lastest YouTube Video

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