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5 ways to Brand YOU on clubhouse

I absolutely love clubhouse and today I want to share a few tips that I use to authentically brand my clubhouse experience.

My top 5 Tips

• Select a profile picture that represents your brand

{Archive pics that do not represent your brand}

• Use engaging words and emojis in your bio

{Use the note app to edit and save your bio}

• ONLY speak on topics you know

{Your voice will reflect your knowledge}

• Don’t pitch or sell ADD VALUE!

{Have systems behind the scenes to onboard clients}

• Engage with your audience

{Slide in the DM and offer encouragement and/or support}

Click on the link to download the PDF and schedule a session that will allow

Need Help with your Branding?

5 ways to brand you on clubhouse
Download PDF • 51.66MB

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