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NSS Teachable Moment {Complimentary Lunch 'n Learn Session}

This week I traveled to New York and attended the National Stationery Show. I have attended for years, but this year it was smaller and allowed me to really take a good look at the logistics behind the show.

I didn’t see the familiar vendors, perhaps because the date was during the Chinese New Year + it was Super Bowl weekend or because the Atlanta show was less than 30 days ago.

Either way it just felt different.

While at the show I met up with several of my stationery sisters, students + friends and visited Ceci Johnson founder of CeCi New York. It was great to finally give a hug to designers that I have talked to on the phone, text and viewed through the eyes of my iphone.

I thought back to my first time attending the show and I wanted to share my thoughts of your next step after attending.

How did you feel seeing the booths, the stationery samples + designs?

My very first time I left feeling two ways.

1 – empowered by the new relationships that I formed and

2 – fired up because I knew that I could design and represent on this level.

This week during my Lunch ‘n Learn session I will be sharing tips on actionable steps you should take immediately!

There will no replay for non-Paper Lover Lounge members.

To watch the replay as well as past sessions. Please join the Paper Lover School and select your desired course/session.

See you in class!

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