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h - housekeeping

Here are few things we need to do within our Stationery Business that I consider to be "Housekeeping Action Items"

1. Know basic grammar {Know how to spell the word S-T-A-T-I-O-N-E-R-Y!} know the difference between:

  • their vs there

  • vowel vs vow

just to name a couple, poor use of grammar will let others doubt your ability to produce quality work.

2. Set up your business legally {consult an attorney or accountant}

3. Open a Business Checking Account

4. Get a website + email address with your business url

5. Secure your presence on social media

6. Have + USE a Stationery Contract {Here's the link to the contract that I use ----->}

7. Get familiar with your numbers. How much does it cost to do business {{{Business is not emotional, it's financial!}}} We all need money to live so get used to talking about the numbers you need.

8. Learn industry standard software {Adobe Creative Cloud} here's the link the to sign up now. ----->

9. Follow your passion! This industry is hard but rewarding. When you are having a rough day, passion will keep your going!

Are you a part of the Ultimate Invite Society {PRIVATE} Facebook group?

Yes, well good! Here's the replay of our Teachable Tuesday enjoy!

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