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g - google me!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

This week we look at the letter [g] google. Your digital footprint paints the picture of who you are online. Everyday that you are online you are adding to your digital footprint online. Each time you sign in, login, make a purchase or register for information. You are telling the online community your location, your likes, desires and how you behave.

This snapshot tells companies and brands how to target/market to you. It helps employers preview your background and it helps advertisers track your movement across various websites.

Don't be alarmed, but it is relatively impossible to have ZERO footprint online. It's your responsibility to ensure that the information is accurate and google is a good place to check on your name and your brand.

Here are a few steps to reduce your digital foot {these are my thoughts, please reference online security for more details}

1. Educate yourself on the meaning of digital footprint

2. Remove cookies from online shopping sites

3. Update your security on Social Media, READ the privacy setting and policies.

Here's a video that will help explain why you should care about your digital footprints.

Want to learn more on this subject?

Are you a part of the Ultimate Invite Society {PRIVATE} Facebook group?

Yes, well good! Here's the replay of our Teachable Tuesday enjoy!

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