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7 Etiquette Tips for Working From Home

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

During our weekly Teachable Tuesday {Live Session in the Ultimate Invite Facebook Group} We talked about the letter {e} etiquette

1- Get up and Get Dressed

Just because you are working from home does not mean you need to act like you are at home.

Wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair and AT LEAST get dressed from the waist up. You never know when you make need to jump on a face to face call.

2 - Setup a dedicated office area.

It can be a spare bedroom, table, closet, or part of a child’s bedroom. The location is irrelevant, it’s only important that you mentally identify a space that is yours and that you teach other housemate to respect your space and boundaries.

Curling up on the couch, or propped up in your bed encourages rest and relaxation, not motivation and drive.

3. Set Office Hours

Let your family/house mates know your routine. Teach them to use theirinside voices {like they are at the library when talking to each other} And yes, this includes children

Enforce the golden rule….“Look before they speak!” Why, they never know when you are on a call.

3a. Do make your time count

Because you work from home, SOMEONE always needs something. Qualify their need vs. your time. If it can wait, let it! Don’t feel guilty for not taking care of some else’s needs and/responsibilities before your work. If you worked off site what would they do?

4. Show up to work!

Don’t be lazy, get to work, Don’t spend your working time surfing the internet, looking at the latest gossip. If you were on a corporate job, would you behave the same? If you were the supervisor and an employee behaved like you, what would you do?

5. Eat, Drink + Take breaks

It’s important to eat, stay hydrated and take breaks to move around. So often we get consumed with work that we forget the time and to stretch. I know for me, I start a project and before I know it, It’s an hour later.

6. TV, Music or Silence?

What gets you going? Me, I like a little of it all. I don’t actual listen, I think I enjoy the break from the silence.

7. Finally! You are direct reflection of your business Act Like it!

Want to learn more on this subject?

Are you a part of the Ultimate Invite Society {PRIVATE} Facebook group?

Yes, well good! Here's the replay of our Teachable Tuesday enjoy!

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