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Welcome the Paper Lover Blog!

It is my hearts desire to offer an outlet for the complete woman.

The woman that is not afraid to be who they really are {in their personal + business life}.

Over the years, I have learned that it is ok to be truly in love with me first!

If I'm not ok, how can I aid in the growth of my family, friends and students.

I am a multi-talented woman {I was in the line several times when God was passing out talents}. And the truth is, I do a lot of things equally well.

For years I have allowed others to dictate my offerings. As a result that caused me to struggle within. All levels of me complete me and in my complex brain, I have created systems to execute them beautifully.

How can I chose one gift over the other? And more importantly, why should I?

I now realize what others labeled as a weakness was actually my strength!!

I am a designer, brand stylist, educator, romantic woman to my core, student, wife, mommy, g-mommy, sister, daughter, friend, seamstress, balloon artist, ride or die chick, Adobe Illustrator Expert, crafter, content creator, Silhouette Cameo guru, thermostat, web designer, party planner, graphic artist, wedding planner, concentrated, recovering couponer, fuschia lover, gadget girl, Apple/Mac stakeholder, military brat and bayou babe, but the one that stands out the most, is that I AM ME!

I believe that I was given all of the above talents because I am able to translate and execute projects based on my life experiences.

I love my God, my family and my friends. I don't consider anyone to be my enemy.

My perfect day would a warm summer afternoon with a Hallmark movie in the background as I'm in my studio designing something pretty.

Or cruising the city night view with the lights illuminating the sky in my Gabbie {my Audi convertible} with the top down of course.

I truly enjoy sharing my gift for educating others. I am grateful for every opportunity to share His love with all that I meet.

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you!

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