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Join me for an intimate hands-on learning environment, where computers are welcome, knowledge is flowing and paper is transformed into beautiful works of art

Here's what you will get...

You will get 3 full days of me pouring my 20+ years of Stationery Designing knowledge into you. 

Day One: 

  • The Client Experience

  • Tools of Trades

  • Vendor Relations

  • Identifying Streams of Income

  • Contracts, Forms & Payment Gateways

  • Fonts, Vectors & Printing Techniques

Day Two

  • Hands-on Adobe Illustrator Training

  • You will leave with working knowlege of the AI Workspace

  • Working with Vector and where to find them and/or make them

  • Monogram Designing

  • Stationery Suite Designing to include: Invitation, RSVP + Insert Card 

  • You will learn to address envelopes {easy MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY}

Day Three

  • You will use the knowledge you learned from Day 1 {Basic Illustrator Knowledge} to create physical products {that's right!!}

  • ​You will be using my favorite PRINTERS {you read that correctly, we will be addressing printers},as well as tools + techniques to design beautiful stationery {onsite}

  • use the technique to design/create laser cut items 

  • create templates for dies and more...


  • I will show you how to use your camera {I use my iPhone on all my pics unless they are published designs} to stage your designs and upload them directly to your social media pages before you leave the Experience

  • Hands-on Playing with my favorite toys {I mean tools}

  • Hours of time in a creative space with like minded designers

  • Paper 'n Pastries session 

For more information please visit -----> <----

See you in Atlanta! ~Teras

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